About Us

SEFAAI which stands for Sustainable Environment Food and Agriculture Initiative is a Non-governmental organization registered under the Cooperate and allied matters law of Nigeria aka CAC. SEFAAI a non-profit organization that has its cooperate Headquarters in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria was created primarily to promote sustainable use of Land, Air and Water resources. The other objectives are stated as follows:

(1) To promote sustainability in the use of natural resources.

(2) To advocate on environment, food, agricultural and other development-related issues.

(3) To educate the masses on how they can become environmentally responsible

(4) To organize events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops on the sustainable use of natural resources.

(5) To participate in activities related to climate change, food security and sustainable resource use.

(6) To conduct research on sustainable use of the Environment, Food security, Agriculture and on development issues in general

(7) To partner with well-meaning organizations, NGOs, Government agencies, and inter-governmental organizations on implementing sustainable projects on Agriculture, Environment and development in general.

(8) To publish articles, journals and reports on the state of the environment, food security, agriculture and development in general.

Our organization’s expertise cris-cross the various fields in the environment value chain such as Clean Ocean; marine Litter; Integrated planning and climate change; biodiversity, Green fiscal reform; climate change mitigation; adaptation and building resilience; national action plan on climate change; environmental advocacy, awareness and right issue; forest conservation; coastal restoration, climate-smart agriculture; bioremediation; gender and development e.t.c.

SEFAAI has been involved in environmental activities at the continental level; we made valuable inputs and contributions during the Africa regional consultation on the post-2020 biodiversity framework in Addis-Ababa Ethiopia, in April 2019. Our organization was also present and contributed immensely during Africa Climate week in Ghana, in 2019. Also, we are very active in the convention on Biodiversity conversations and scooping especially on how nature impacts indigenous people.

SEFAAI has been very active with UNEP activities, we organized webinars, performed ocean clean-ups and planted trees to mark important environment days such as World Environment Day, World Biodiversity Day, World Bee Day e.t.c. To communicate behavioral change on climate change and to create awareness on the need to halt biodiversity loss, SEFAAI produced a great song titled “keepers of the earth, yes we are”. This environment advocacy song has increased the international reach of our organization as over 2000 people have watched and downloaded the song.

Locally, our organization has been involved in environmental dialogue and policy advocacy at national and sub-national levels; we were part of the national trialogue on pollinators and drafted an action plan for the conservation of bees for Nigeria. SEFAAI has engaged a private sector body such as the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria on clean energy transition and co-hosted a webinar on energy transition. SEFAAI is also on the front burner of issues such as plastic pollution in Nigeria and the region engaging in public consultations and contributing to legislative frameworks.

At the country level, we are also involved in the Food waste measurement and resuction project of UNEP/Go4SDGs in partnership with the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, the Federal Ministry of Environment and Leading Universities in Nigeria.

SEFAAI has consultative status with UNEP, UNCBD, GEziDCO and GNDR