The SEFAAI membership is driven by leading environmentalist, agriculturists, scientist, Development practitioners, professionals, students, enthusiasts and researchers.  SEFAAI support it members and affiliates through providing scientific advice, preparing white papers, special report and other

communication material in ensuring members are up to date on current issues related to the environment, food and agriculture sector.

While SEFAAI activities benefit the entire development sector; members of the organization enjoy some special benefits. They include:

Provide statistical information and interpretation utilizing decision support aids.

Members have access to program and project of the organizations.

Members are promptly notified about opportunities, events and program related to SEFAAI areas of operation.

Members participate in collaborative work, joint research and team related activites.

Assist members with internal training related to environment food and Agriculture as well as decision support systems.

Involve members in SEFFAI program advisory committee and other committee where members can have substantial input into SEFFAI Conference, annual report and other intellectual activities.

SEFFAI assist members with their unique requirement as requested.  Providing services and support to our members is our goals.