We are specialist in conceptualizing and implementing home grown environment, agricultural and development based investigation; findings and conclusion are effectively communicated to all stakeholders for good policy formulation and day to day decision making.

Our research is focus on finding solutions to germane humans environmental issue such pollution, waste, resource depletion, human overpopulation, conservation, biodiversity, bioremediation, climate change etc

We also spearhead Agriculture and food related studies which cut across theme such as organic farming, climate start agriculture, value chain agribusiness, resource economics, environmental economics, Biofuels and renewable energy etc

We hope to establish our feet in the social change and development studies as understanding the basic element such as poverty, global health, inequality, gender, income, trade, migration, consumption pattern etc have a way of impacting environment and contributing to sustainability.

We thereby welcome graduates, researchers and faculties within and outside the African terrain to collaborate with our research team on ongoing and future research project.

Please feel free to contact for all enquiries.